Minimalist Modern Small Apartment Decor Ideas with Boho-Scandi Touch -- Home interior design is an important factor to provide a beautiful appearance and provide comfort for the owner. One of the most preferred room decoration ideas is the modern minimalist style combined with a touch of warm boho scandi style. For ideas that you can replicate, check Minimalist Modern Small Apartment Decor Ideas with Boho-Scandi Touch.




Living room idea

This first area has an open space concept that combines the living room and dining room without having a partition. But to give a harmonious look, you can use matching colors and the right decorations. For this interior, it uses plain ash-colored furniture and has large windows that maximize the lighting and air circulation.

Dining area

For the dining area, there is a sofa with an elegant minimalist design and a simple wooden table. To add a touch of decor, there is a chandelier with a modern industrial style, and there are some beautiful flowers on the vase to make it look more alive.

Kitchen idea

For the next area is the kitchen. The kitchen is adjacent to the dining table, making it easier for the owner to prepare dishes. This minimalist kitchen has a combination of warm white and wood colors and still provides lighting that makes the room look more spacious and clean.

Bedroom idea

A bedroom with this warm atmosphere will certainly make its owner feel more comfortable and relaxed. The combination of earth-tone colors gives a calming and positive vibe. The right arrangement will also give this bedroom a functional remaining space.

Bathroom idea

For the last section is the bathroom. The modern design makes this room stylish. The addition of a large mirror can give the effect of a very spacious room. In addition, there is a partition for the bathroom cubicle to make it more hygienic.

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