See, How to Grow and Care for Pansies From Seeds - Pansies are a type of plant hybridized from several other species of pansies, namely the genus Viola Tricolor and Heratsease or wildflowers in Europe and West Asia. Pansies are characterized by large petals two to three inches in diameter and colorful. As a rule, this flower is cultivated as a garden flower. In four-season countries, pansies are very popular because they are beautiful in color and can be grown in pots, soil, or hung. You can follow the following way to plant and care for pantie from seed

Prepare Planting Media

A good growing medium for pansies should be water-binding, smooth. Here are the steps to prepare the planting medium for pansies :

1. A mixture of coco peat or fine coconut fiber with garden soil that has been sifted so that the texture is soft and then stir until evenly distributed. 

2. Prepare a medium-sized pot so that there is no need to move the growing medium. Given the size of the plant is very small and will make it difficult if you have to move it. 

3. Fill the pot with the prepared soil mixture in the amount of three quarters of the volume of the pot.

Seeding Pansies Seeds

After preparing the planting medium, it is time to sow the seeds of pansies. Here are the steps :  

1. Put about 20-30 grains of pansies seeds in one pot that has been filled with soil media. When inserting the seeds into the pot, do it carefully and one by one and do not spill them. 

2. Water with water spray filled with clean water until the soil is moist. 

3. Cover the seeds with waterproof paper or cardboard on the top of the pot so that moisture is maintained. 4. After two weeks to a month of sitting, the seeds will sprout. If they have grown, the seedlings should be immediately provided with indirect sunlight. 

5. Among the 30 seeds of pansies placed on the pot, usually two to five seeds managed to grow leaves.


After the plant appears leaves, can be carried out fertilizing the plant. Sprinkle fertilizer little by little on the surface of the leaves as much as a pinch. The smaller the pot, the less fertilizer is used. And vice versa, this is because if too much fertilizer can cause the plant to die or wither.

Pansies Care

Things you need to consider when maintaining pansies include :
1. Pansies will fail to flower if during growth the soil medium is not moist or dry. It is best to water the plant regularly in the morning. 

2. Use soluble fertilizers when growing pansies. Apply fertilizer every two weeks regularly, especially on pansies grown in pots. 

3. So that the pansies can last longer, pluck the wilted flowers. Then pluck the blooming flowers to stimulate the growth of new flowers. 

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