Tips Plant - How to Prune Pothos to Grow More

Tips Plant - How to Prune Pothos to Grow More -- With the proper care, pothos, a popular plant, can be the most fertile plant. Pruning is primarily responsible for pothos growing faster than usual. This action can both promote growth and keep the plant's shape. This pothos requires special care because it is a tropical plant. Learn how to prune properly and when to prune to promote pothos growth in the following tips:

Pothos should be pruned now


You can prune these pothos during their growing season, which is from spring to summer. This method will aid in the growth of new leaves during active growth without the stress of cold weather. Avoid pruning during the winter and extreme temperatures. If done incorrectly, the plant will not survive the winter.

How to get rid fleas so you can grow more


Pruning the pothos correctly is required to make it more voluminous and bushy. Find extensive marks and the point of identification for the plant. You must cut in order to encourage new growth. Pruning vines with no or few leaves is a good idea because it makes the plant appear leggy.

Vine ends should be trimmed


If you want the pothos to grow longer, prune it every 1-2 inches to keep it under control. Encourage it to grow quickly and with long branches.

Examine each vine strand


Pothos cannot be pruned. Check each strand of the plant and prune it properly. For best results, cut one-fourth of an inch above the scar to the knot.

Hanging basket pruning


Pruning long sections of stems to make them less full will make pothos plants look beautiful in hanging baskets. This method promotes healthier plant branches and rapid spread. Because pothos is a good climber, train it with tralis or grow it along a fence.

Pruning tips for pothos after treatment

When pruning pothos, make sure there is enough moisture to allow the plant to heal. Keep the temperature between 18 and 29 degrees Celsius and provide well-filtered lighting. Use the right fertilizers and nutrients to encourage new growth at the right time. Repotting the plant in a container with a root ball and growing it in a new location.

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