How to Grow and Care for Colorful African Violets at Home Easily -- There are not many flowering plants that do well indoors. However, this is not the case with African violets. This flowering plant is one of the most popular houseplant for good reason. It produces lovely flowers in pink, white, and violet-like colors. African violet can be grown well indoors, and good care will make it easy for them to bloom nearly all year round.

Let's learn about how to grow and care for colorful African Violet at home easily!


1. Provide favorable soil


The first thing you should pay attention to is the potting soil. Make sure the plant gets a well-drained but moist potting mix. Poor soil with poor drainage will make the roots rot easily. African violet dislike muddy soil or soil with a lot of standing water, so make it a point the soil doesn't retain too much water.

2. Best place for African violets


In general, African violets grow well in bright, warm, and humid conditions. You can place it in a place with bright, indirect light, such as a north- or east-facing window. Keep it away from direct sunlight, as it will scorch its leaves. The flowers will bloom best at temperatures of  65 ke 75 degrees F.

3. Give favorable watering


To keep the African violet moist, you can use room-temperature water. Water once a week when the soil is dry enough between watering. Make sure not to overwater or make the leaves touch the water to prevent leaf and root damage. Watering is best with the bottom-up method, allowing the soil to absorb water from the pot's drainage holes below.

4. Give it food


Just like other house plants, you only need to give African violets fertilizer mainly once every week during the growing season, namely in spring and summer. Do not overfertilize, as it will lead to the shedding of its flowers and leaves.

5. How to make it bloom


It's unfortunate if your African violets don't flower. The flowers are so showy as living decor at home. Make sure you provide enough light, water, humidity, and fertilizer to encourage the bloom. Don't let the roots get rootbound. Deadhead any dead leaves or flowers as soon as you notice them to keep the plant in top condition and blooming again.

6. Keep it against common pests and disease


Just like any houseplants, African violets can be infected by common pests such as cyclemen mites, mealy bugs, and spider mites. When you see the pests, treat it immediately with neem oil or special insecticides. Avoid overwatering to keep them from getting diseases.

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