Clever 7 Ideas of Mini Garden with Style - Limited dwellings make us lack land and can't create a garden. But, you can still create a mini garden to change them. The mini garden is also efficient and perfect for any room and house size. So, get attention to these Clever 7 Ideas of Mini Garden with Style. Check it out!

Classic mini garden with characters


Miniature or not, creating this mini garden with classic style is also perfect to enhance your home. Try to design the mini garden with characters and statues and set the plants nicely. You also can hang and arrange the plants by climbing or hang on the wall, which still saves space.

Creative mini garden to hang the plants


Many ways to hang the plants that can make the garden look stunning. And the way like picture also suitable to try. Especially for the plant that doesn't need media, such as air plants for example.

Mini garden with corals at outdoor


Little space outdoors can utilize to create a mini garden. Grow beautiful plants or greenery in this area and arrange them nicely. Then, add some corals around to bring a clean and pretty design to the mini garden.

Miniature garden in cups


Building the mini garden in unused cups and arranging it like a fountain is perfect to enhance a house or office. You can grow the plants first. Next, decorate this mini garden by putting the miniature and corals to make a sweet effect.

Small garden level with a similar pot


Arranging the potted plant in a mini ladder or other for the level concept is a good sound. This mini garden is perfect to put indoors as decoration or outdoors can make stunning. Make the pot of plants use similar hues or patterns to match and eye-catching mini garden.

Use nature items to create a creative mini garden


Utilize nature items to make a beautiful mini garden. Like using a trunk or branch of wood to make a level mini garden. Then, grow plants after perforating part of this wood as a plant media. Arrange them nicely and make them level concepts for a stunning design.

Terrarium brings a stunning and elegant mini garden


As a popular way for a mini garden, creating a terrarium bring more benefit for you. The appearance looks elegant, perfect to decorate an office or formal condition. Another way, this mini garden that arranges in a transparent container with a good arrangement also can enhance your bedroom or living room.

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