The 7 Best Purple Vines Grow as Houseplants

The 7 Best Purple Vines Grow as Houseplants -- The good news is that purple plants can provide festivity as well as amazing space decoration. One of them has purple vines and can be used as an ornamental plant at home. Vine plants, for the most part, grow quickly and are quite tolerant when brought indoors. In this review, pick these purple vines:

Ruby Necklace


The botanical name othonna capensis is a lovely plant for room decoration. This ruby necklace has bean-like, long leaves that are purplish green and shiny. You can keep it in a brightly lit are with a striking purple color.

Sweet potato


The sweet potato, with its festive purple leaves and striking burgundy texture, will look lovely as a houseplant. This is a new transitional method for converting garden plants into house plants.

Shamrock purple


The butterfly leaf plant, also known as oxalis, has a festive and rich purple hues. This plant will bloom and produce beautiful flowers. This is ideal as an ornamental plant for those who enjoy festively colored plants.



As an ornamental plant, this lovely purple hanging basket plant is very appealing. it has spear-shaped leaves that are wax-coated and very fine bristles that are  easy to care for. This plant produces variations with a dazzling appearance.

String of hearts


Ceropegia woodii is a type of succulent vine hanging plant. These lovely heart-shaped leaves have a green underside and a re a thing creeping silvery-purple color. Place it as a trailing plant around the windowsill for pleasing look.

Rex begonia vine


Begonia with prominent silver-white markings on this part of the leaf creep and are ideal for hanging baskets. Plants with purple and dark red accents will look nice on the veranda or in the interior.

Philodendron Royal Queen


This purple and red colored vine is a philodendron variety. Plants that thrive in both direct and indirect sunlight require trellis support to climb. It is simple to care for and can be used as a houseplants to enhance the atmosphere of a room.

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