How to Plant and Grow Moon Flower For Beginner - If you have a garden around the house and is usually used for relaxation and entertainment then you plant an alluring Moon Flower in the garden. This flower can bloom and has a pretty color usually white or purple large. This flower belongs to creeping plants and has an amazing night scent. The Moon flower plant (Ipomoea alba) is a perennial vine in the subtropics. Members of the Moon flower plants are the sweet potato vine and the morning glory , with flowers that bloom in the afternoon. Large, heart-shaped leaves further enhance the attractive tendrils of the Moon flower. How to plant and care for the Moon Flower ? For more detail How to Plant and Grow Moon Flower For Beginner you can see below !!

How to Plant a Moon Flower

The Moon Flower in the garden does not need a lot of earthen space because it easily rises to the top. You can provide trellises or supports for strong vines. The growing moon flowers can reach up to 6 cm more and will wrap around anything within their reach.

Moon flower plants are winter perennials they can be grown effectively as annuals. They grow easily from seed when planted in relatively fertile soil. In cold climates seeds can be started six to eight weeks before the soil outside warms up. Plant the Moon Flower outside when the outdoor temperature is consistently 60 to 70 F.

The light requirements for growing moon flowers are adjustable, but more sunlight equals more blooms. Some growers think that clustered roots in the pot encourage earlier blooms in Moon flower plants. Moon flower vines can be grown in large containers or you can plant them in the ground so that they are maximized.

Care For Moon Flower 

Water the Moon Flower regularly and give it extra water when the vines start to grow. You can also add fertilizer regularly. Use a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus so that it can encourage more blooms. Not too much nitrogen fertilizer can instead limit the Moon flower to bloom.

Now that you've learned how to plant moon flowers and how to care for moon flowers, be sure to add them to your garden or sunny area where you can take advantage of their beautiful blooms and fantastic evening fragrance, especially in the garden at night.

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