7 Fast Growing Houseplant for Impatiens Gardeners

7 Fast Growing Houseplant for Impatiens Gardeners

Homifine.com -- Growing houseplants allows you to relax and focus on garden planting. There are many ornamental plants to choose from that grow quickly, require proper lighting, and watering, especially for beginners. You should not rush to use low-maintenance plants as decorations. Consider again selecting a plant that grows quickly for impatient gardeners.

Gynura Aurantiaca


This stunning purple plant will be the center of attention in any room. Velvety texture, jumabic edges, and dark green accents with an unpleasant odor. Soil requirements included neutral pH soil that was kept moist with high-quality compost.

Philodendron Xandu


Gardeners adore this classic, fast-growing ornamental plant with lovely leaves. Even if you've never seen this plant before. Tall stems, long, curved leaves, and grass suitable for large pots. This plant can grow to be 2 to 4 feet tall. 



Cordyline is a gleaming plant with a dark emerald green color that can turn purple. The palm-like leaves are broad and long, reaching a height of 4 feet. This plant has pink flowers that look like clustered fruits. Water when the soil is dry, and reduce watering in the winter.



This plant with dark green elliptical leaves is widely used as an ornamental plant. This green leaf color with silver will give it a wavy shape and grow as an upright green plant. Simple to maintain; all that is required is a good quality pot with an acidic pH and a mixture of organic matter. Water at least once a week.

Spider plant


This spider plant is very easy to care for and is ideal for beginners. It adds a touch of elegance to any room. These green and yellow fringed leaves with a central rosette make excellent hanging plants. The leaves will complete the look and become the focus of attention in the room.

String of hearts


The hanging basket plant you want for the room is a series of hearts. This long-branched, dangling down succulent plant with an attractive natural beautiful romana has a silver color with cream veins. It can grow to be about 30 cm tall and requires slightly acidic to neutral soil.

Asparagus fern


Different appearance from other types of fern plants. This asparagus fern appears more graceful, with smooth leaves and a light appearance reminiscent of a butterfly. Plants with unusual shapes and textures require indirect lighting and compost-rich tanh. It can grow to be 4 - 5 feet tall and is very attractive in a large pot.

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