Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Various Styles -- The bathroom is an important room in the house. A place that will help you cleanse tired and dirty feelings and leave you feeling refreshed. Make your bathroom, no matter its size, look clean and charming. We've put together beautiful bathroom designs in various styles for inspiration for your bathroom upgrade.

 A fabulous clean-boho style

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The first bathroom design looks more impressive with a clean, Boho touch. Using patterned white wall tiles and gray flooring tiles gives a combination of rough yet clean look. The living plants and pieces of fine wood furniture adds a layer of natural freshness to the bathroom.

A bathroom vanity design

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A bathroom vanity, rather than a sink with a visible plumber, will make your bathroom look nicer and more streamlined. This is a combination of a sink and storage structure to increase storage and hide exposed plumbing. A bathroom vanity will make the bathroom more neat and tidy.

A bathroom in green style

Some people prefer the color green in their homes. Applying green can be done for the bathroom this nicely. Green walls blend with vertical green accents and are more balanced with plain gray tile floors like this one. The bathroom has a toilet, sink, and bathtub, which are perfect for enjoying a relaxing self-cleaning time.

Small bathroom with on-point decor

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Small homes may have small bathrooms too. You can set up a small bathroom as beautiful and fully functional like this one. It has a shower box, a toilet, and a simple sink. The bathroom is more lively, with decorative plants and strategically placed wall decorations.

White-nuances bathroom

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Another small-space toilet and bath design for a  small home. White walls and furniture will give it a clean, light, and airy look. By using floor tiles in this random aesthetic pattern, a white bathroom looks more charming.

Add task lighting

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Light is essential in bathrooms without windows or in small spaces. Consider task lighting in addition to the main lighting on the ceiling. Task lighting can be installed on the bathroom mirror's side. This is the type of lighting that will brighten the vanity area so you can touch up your makeup.

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