5 Easy Ways To Grow Plants in Water

Homifine.com - Indoor plants or indoor plants have now become an important element in home interior design. Various trends in gardening or caring for ornamental plants are now present and popular. One of them is planting plants in water. Growing plants in water free of soil and low maintenance. If you have a pet cat at home, then there is no longer any need to worry that your cat will scratch the ground on the plants. You only need to change the water occasionally instead of watering every week.

Identify plants that can grow in water

Devil ivy, fiddle fig, jade plant, rubber plant, aloe vera, spider plant and peace lily will grow well in the water so you need to identify the type of plant that grows in the water.

Take a cut from an existing plant

Take a cut of the plant of the ideal size and nice but not big with only one or two leaves from the plant that is just below one stem. A good stem will grow well so it can produce good growth as well.

Find the right container for the plant

You must determine and find the right container/pot for this water growing medium. You can use a glass vase with a thin neck to help hold the plant upright or a similar container you can use.

Put it in the right place

A place in your home with bright indirect light is the perfect place. Try to find a slightly warm place where the temperature does not change too often, so avoid places next to air conditioners or heaters.

Wait for it to grow

For the first few months or until the roots appear change the water weekly. Water from the tap is good because it contains oxygen in it. You can change the growing medium of this water about once every 2-3 days to prevent decay.

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