Where Can You Place Your Plants?

Homifine.com -- Plants have so many benefits that not only for plant lovers, you can also have plants as decorations or as natural air purifiers. Having plants does not need to be in large quantities. Some plants you can have in the house. Where can you place them? Check Where Can You Place Your Plants?

Plant shelf

For the first area that you can fill with plants is the living room or foyer which makes the space feel livelier and less boring. Plants also seem to welcome anyone who comes into the house and spread a calmer feeling to those who see them.

Plants in the corner of table

The corner of the kitchen table or something else can be filled with small plants like this one. Plants that are in the corner of the table will not disturb the space and instead become a cool decoration.

Simple vertical garden

If you want to have plants but are constrained by limited space, use this interesting idea. A small shelf with a vertical model will organize your plants neatly and can be placed anywhere without having to take up a lot of space.

Bathroom plants

For the last plant placement idea is in the bathroom. A damp bathroom sometimes makes owners feel uncomfortable. Choose plants that can balance the humidity in the bathroom, such as boston fern. Place it on a planter or you can make it a hanging plant.




Author       : Hafidza
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