How to Care for a Soilless Air Plant


How to Care for a Soilless Air Plant -- Try air plants if you want to start a unique house plant collection at home. It doesn't require soil to grow, only a small room and no media, and maintenance is simple for beginners. Tillandsia are air plants that grow into house plants that are very different from regular plants. Discover how to grow this tropical plant indoors.

Air plant care


This plant, which requires little care and is not fussy, is light sensitive and requires regular watering. Air plants can usually live for several years if properly cared for.



Air plants are typically found on trees or large plants. This plant can usually tolerate bright to moderate indirect light. Place it away from direct sunlight, which will slowly burn the leaves.



Indoor air plants require consistent watering to thrive. Because it grows without soil. Air plants can be watered in a variety of ways, including soaking. Every one or two weeks, fill a bowl with distilled water and leave it on for 40 minutes. Some Udar plants prefer regular drizzle over dyeing.

Temperature and humidity


The most important aspect of caring for air plants is maintaining their humidity. Warm, humid conditions are ideal for air plants. Rather than cold temperatures, home temperatures are usually ideal for plant air. Air plants prefer moist environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Aerial plant common problems


The tips of the leaves turning brown is a common issue that can weaken the condition of the plant air. Too much water results in mushy stems. Things like this can be avoided with a little heating to avoid mushy air plants and other issues.

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