6 Things to Look Out For in Caladium Care

Homifine.com -- Caladium are well-loved by houseplant enthusiast. These plants have heart- or arrow-shaped, papery leaves that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Having just one at home is enough to make them showy houseplants that brighten up the space. This plant is not that easy to care for, but also not difficult either. You can check out these 6 things to look out for in caladium care.

1. Provide the preferred potting soil mix

Caladium is a tropical plant. It would be better for you to plant caladium in a rich, well-drained potting mix. Potting mix for containers is a good when it containers a mix of moist soil and peat. A good potting mix will make common caladium and even rare red caladium grow well at home.

2. Watering for caladiums

These caladiums will make a charming summer accent in your home. Make sure it gets enough water to avoid dying. Water when the top soil is 25% dry, especially in summer. Water thoroughly and make sure the water drains through the drainage holes in container to prevent root rot. During the winter, reduce watering sparingly to allow the plant to rest.

3. Light requirement

Caladiums are a bit sensitive about light requirements. You don't want to put them in wrong place. Caladiums prefer bright to medium, indirect light. You can also place them in moderate shade indoors. Caladiums will tolerate direct, warm morning sunlight, but their leaves will easily scorch in the harsh afternoon sun.

4. Temperature and humidity

Caladium is said to be heat-loving plants, but they have their limits. You can put it ina  room with 65-85 F. Keep it away from cold drafts or places with sudden temperature changes.

Caladium prefers a humid conditions as a tropical plant. To keep the caladium happy, mist the leaves regularly and put a humidifier around the caladium.

5. Problems with caladium

Aphids, mealybug, mites, thrips, and whiteflies can all infect caladiun. These pests suck the leaves but can be eradicated with insecticidal soap.

Another issue is yellowing leaves, which can be caused by overwatering, underwatering, or even too much light. Browning leaves can be caused by a lack of humidity, overfertilization, or too much light.

6. Additional care

Caladium rarely flower, but they can produce a spadix surrounded by a green-yellow spathe. Remove these flowers to encourage your caladium plant to grow more and healthier leaves.

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