Simple House Decor that Looks Pleasant -- How about a simple yet eye-catching home look? Wouldn't it make the owner feel happier and more confident. This can be realized by applying the right decoration. For some interior decoration ideas that you can use as inspiration, check Simple House Decor that Looks Pleasant.

Living room

The first area is the living room. The small space still feels cozy with the selection of a soft plain colored sofa. The arrangement of the sofa makes the room look more spacious and comfortable. For the decoration, the owner uses displays with a bohemian touch on the walls that make the room look attractive. Some other parts use plants that make the look fresher and livelier.

Dining room

This area is not far from the living room and is also presented without any partition. The dining table with its simple design and wooden material is able to provide a softer and warmer atmosphere. Additional chandelier with gold color is very harmonious to be combined with this interior. For the decoration touch, besides the flowers in the vase on the table, there is also an abstract painting with more vibrant colors.


The minimalist yet sweet look of this kitchen allows the owner to move around with a fun and vibrant vibe. The combination of white and wood colors makes this room feel more spacious and not monotonous. The additional backsplash also makes the room feel more varied.


For the last section, there is a bedroom that features a more dominant white. The use of some decorations around it can be seen in the wall shelf and also the large plant. The right choice of plants will also provide maximum quality rest.




Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
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