7 Best Plants for Gorgeous Living Room

 Homifine.com - Stunning plants used for decoration can move the boring interior into a gorgeous and comfortable place. Especially in the living room area, used by dwellers and the guests visiting the house must have a cozy and tidy area. So, here we will share with you about 7 Best Plants for Gorgeous Living Rooms. Check it out!

Tropical plants


Let's start with the tropical plants. Many varieties of tropical plants to use for living room decoration. Such as banana trees, birds of paradise, palms, and more. You can place them in a good spot to make the plants grow well.

Water plants


Water plants also can use for living room decoration. Doesn't need soil to grow, the water plants have a stunning and clean look. Place the water plants in the right spot for safety and make the plants healthy to grow.

Rose flower


Including popular and beautiful flowers, the rose can make the living room look stunning and gorgeous. Place the rose flower in a vase with water or replant it in the right pot or container.

Anthurium crystallinum


Anthurium or can call Crystal laceleaf is a beautiful houseplant with bright veins. This houseplant is perfect to grow indoors and enhance your living room. Place this houseplant in a partially light area. But, get careful because this houseplant is toxic for people and pets.



As a popular houseplant, Monstera has a stunning appearance. And this houseplant is perfect to decorate any room in your house. Just place them in a good spot and you will enjoy them with fresh nuance.

Cactus and succulent


Succulent and cacti are most found anywhere you go. Besides low maintenance, succulents and cacti offer beauty with their stunning appearance. You can choose this houseplant to grow in large or small sizes according to your preferences,

Syngonium wendlandii


This houseplant has eye-catching and stunning that perfect to decorate the living room. Syngonium wendlandii has emerald green leaves and a white midvein. And if get mature, the leaves become deeply lobed to the point of forming separated leaflets.

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