Best Big Indoor Plants For Interior Room - If you like plants then it doesn't hurt to apply plants indoors. Usually plants in the room not only as decoration but also can provide freshness and coolness in the room. Plants in the room have many functions so there is no harm if you apply in your home. 

Dracaena Fragrans  

This plant has a large size and height so you can place it in the corner of your house. This plant also has many benefits such as being able to clean the Air, increase the humidity in the room so that it can provide coolness. In addition, it will also be an interesting decor element in the room.


The yellow palm is a very attractive small palm tree with a bright green lush midrib, thin and quite pliable resembling bamboo. It is a tall, tree-like ornamental plant that takes advantage of empty corners. This plant is also a plant that can clean toxins from the air.


You also apply pothos for your room. Pothos plants have growth by creeping so many people make this plant as a room decoration so that the display becomes beautiful and attractive. Pothos plants can thrive and can even reach 15 meters in length.

Calathea Lutea

This plant has a unique leaf shape and large size so it is suitable if you place it in the corner of your home room. This plant can grow up to 3 meters and has many benefits, one of which can clean the air so that it looks fresher and cleaner.

Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Fig fiddle or fiddle leaf fig favored by many homeowners today. The plant is tall and relatively narrow with large violin-shaped leaves. The architectural shape makes the violin fig ideal for dressing a corner of the room. This plant can grow in shady air without direct sunlight.

ZZ Plant 

Not only is it beautiful and easy to care for, it also has many health benefits. Among them as a remedy for diarrhea, digestion, as an anti-bacterial, free radical antidote, overcome hemorrhoids, and overcome aches in the body. This plant has a unique leaf shape so it is suitable as an ornamental plant in the room.

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