Compact Apartment Decor that Feel Bigger and Cozy -- Apartments are usually characterized by small size and functional areas. Of course, it will be very boring if not arranged and decorated properly, because the small size will feel cramped and monotonous. Here are some ideas that you can copy to create an impressive look. Check out Compact Apartment Decor that Feel Bigger and Cozy.

Large window

This small apartment uses an open space concept that makes the room feel more spacious without having a partition. There is a living room and dining table that has a simple furniture model and minimalist design. Like most apartments, there are large windows that can provide maximum light and make the room feel spacious and not stuffy.

Functional space

Aside from the dining room and living room, another area in this room is the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen models with soft colors can make a small room still feel spacious and clean. In addition to the kitchen, there is also a washing machine placed in the kitchen area with the right storage. With this arrangement, the owner will be easier when doing various activities.

Space saving storage

Another area that makes this apartment look attractive is the clever use of the area under the stairs. This area under the stairs is used as storage by adding a cabinet that has plain white doors that make this area look very neat and suitable for a narrow area. The owner can also find items more easily when storing them in this area.

Small  but cozy bedroom

This last area is a bedroom that has a small size but clever arrangement. To keep it feeling spacious, the owner only has a mattress without a bed so that it can be arranged more flexibly according to his wishes. In addition, there is also a functional side table in the empty space around it.

Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
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