Do a Simple Trick to Grow More Succulents in Less Time

Do a Simple Trick to Grow More Succulents in Less Time -- Succulents are an excellent plant for beginners or those with hectic schedules. This desert plant, which grows in full sun, has fleshy and thick leaves. Its many varieties will make your home plant collection even more interesting for the garden. Understand what is useful for spreading succulents at the appropriate time. 


As we all know, growing succulents from their leaves is simple and requires little effort. You simply remove or store the leaves in the plant pot and set it aside. A new plant will appear in the pot after some time.

This has a very good chance of succeeding and will not fail. Use 4 to 6 leaves in the pot; if some do not take root, some will.

Generative propagation of succulents


- As the leaves separate from the mother plant, these plants develop a protective layer known as callus. A callus is a plant cell that aids in the healing of wounds and the growth of new roots.

- This proper will begin to divide into specialized cells and adventitious roots will emerge under the right conditions. 

- In addition to callus cells, adventitious buds develop and eventually become new plants.

- The plant will seek out nutrients and water stored in the leaf tissue during this process. The growing process will result in roots and nutrient absorption in the soil surrounding the plant.

Best succulent for gardening


Echeveria elegans, sedum, crassula ovata, crassula perforata, and kalanchoe are some succulents that can be grown from the leaves.  

A quick method for making this trick work


- Use the parent plant's healthy leaves. Damaged and diseased leaves are unlikely to produce the best results.

- Allow the leaves to dry out and form calluses on the tips after removing them. Place them in a dry, shady location until calluses form.


- Store the leaves in a well-drained growing medium to increase their chances of success. To encourage root formation, keep the soil slightly moist.

- Succulents thrive in temperatures ranging from 18 to 29°F. 

- Succulents require time to multiply, and the results are not immediate. You must be patient and consistent in your caregiving.

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