Favorite Easy To Propagate Monstera Plants In Water


Homifine.com - Monstera has a unique leaf shape. That is why this plant has been excellent for some time and is widely hunted. If we have a monstera at home and want to propagate or grow it easily, monstera is one of the plants that can grow in water media. This ornamental plant with a unique and beautiful leaf shape can be grown both indoors and outdoors and is relatively low maintenance. 

Cutting Stems

Find internodes or circular brownish rings on the stems from the old leaves. This is the junction point where new leaves and roots will form. Then, cut the part. Monstera purchased from a plant store will have soil. From there, we can see some stems that can be propagated and grown in water.

Putting the Stem in the Water

Take a piece of stem that has leaves, then place the cut end of the stem in room temperature, non-chlorinated water. Most tap water contains chlorine, so it's best to use bottled or purified water to grow monstera. If using tap water, let it sit overnight to remove the chlorine first.

Keep Plants Upright

Position the cuttings in a glass jar or vase in such a way that the stem can remain upright. Choosing tall, narrow jars will help keep the plants upright.

Change The Water Every 3-5 Days

The water from the glass container of this monstera plant needs to be changed frequently, that is, every 3-5 days or sooner if the color of the water changes. Transparent glass containers will make it easier for us to check the condition of the water, its height and root development. Allow the water to reach room temperature before replacing the old water. 

Place In A Place Exposed To Sunlight

Place the container in a place that gets enough bright indirect sunlight exposure. The plant does not like intense direct sunlight. Too much exposure to the sun can also burn the leaves and cause them to turn yellow and then fall off.

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