List of Indoor Plants That Make Impressive Statements -- How is your plant upkeep going? I hope it keeps going well. If you are thinking about adding to your list of indoor plants, consider the plants we will discuss below. These plants are sure to make a charming impression wherever you put them, and some of them are even easy to care for and propagate. Here is a list of indoor plants that make impressive statements.

Caladium 'Tricolor Red White Spots'

Caladium has heart-shaped leaved that come in a variety of colors and patterns. This plant thrives in bright light or a sunny window, but is should not be exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight.

Get a tricolor caladium like as shown! This caladium has green leaves with white and red spots. Some leaves can even be whitened to add color, making a lively and unique statement in the home.

Tradescandia fluminensis tricolor

Tradescandia fluminensis will add a splash of lovely, fresh color to your plant list. It is a fast-growing plant with small leaves and triangular-shaped flowers. Its leaves in green, pink, and bit of cream can grow as vines or dangle beautifully in a hanging pot. Place the plant in bright, indirect light to retain the most colorful leaves.

Purple heart


A purple heart, or Tradescantia pallida, will make a vibrant purple statement in your home. This is also a fast-growing one that you can easily grow using the water propagation method. The foliage can be an eye-catching deep purple that makes a beautiful contrast in a white-tone setting like this one.


Cactus is an excellent choice for making a distinct and firm statement at home. This succulent plant is also simple to care for, requiring only infrequent watering. Cacti and other succulent plants can be propagated easily by water propagation. You can grow roots from the parts of the cactus that are soaked in water. Having cacti in water propagation is like having a science lab corner at home.



Don't miss having a pothos plant at home. This tropical plant can grow fast as vine or on a support. You can use pothos plants as decorative elements to beautify iron partition like this. Pothos will bring a sense of life into this stale room partition.

Clusia Rosea Princess


Pick a Clusia rosea Princess if you prefer a classic plant with refreshing green leaves. The princess plant is native to the Caribbean. This plant is simple to care for and thrives in the warm summer temperatures outdoors. Its evergreen leaves add an elegant green aesthetic to your home or garden.

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