Front Porch Decor Ideas to Beautify Front House -- Freshen up your front yard with these beautiful ideas. A well-designed front porch with natural themes or any theme that you like will make the front of your house look better and prettier. It doesn't need complicated decor items; anything from your home can be brought to the porch to create new atmosphere. Here are some front porch ideas to help you decorate your front house.

The wide porch as a relaxing garden


You're lucky if you have a wide front porch. You can use part of the porch as a relaxing garden. Bring plants that like bright, indirect spots to the porch and arrange them in neat rows. A beautiful, red-patterned rug will make it feel cozy and welcoming. Don't forget to bring a comfortable chair or a hammock swing to enjoy the fresh air.

Arrange dense plants in baskets

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You can try this simple but effective front porch idea. Arrange plants that grow thickly such as fern, should be placed in containers or baskets. The basket ferns are arranged in a row, following the steps leading to the main door or seats on the front porch. This fern is like a inviting plant that is always fresh to welcome you.

Dress it up with small flowers


A small house with a small front porch deserves a pretty touch of decoration. You can dress the porch with plants with dense small flowers. These flowers will give the front porch freshness and natural beauty even in a simple manner.

Charming white and green combo


The season change. You might want to change the front porch decor. Bring your plants to the front porch in the spring.  A house with an all-white porch will stand out against the green leaves. You can place these plants in empty spaces to liven up the porch with a fresh, green atmosphere.

Balanced styling


For those of you who want to decorate a front porch in a simple but impactful way, try this arrangement. As easy as arranging potted plants on the right and left main door in a balanced number and position. Add a layer of rugs to create a cozy and welcoming front porch feel.

Don't forget to bring a lounge chair

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Your front porch can be more than just a place to sit in front of the house. You can make it a place to relax and enjoy the outside atmosphere. When all the decor items are assembled to your liking, bring a comfortable chair or two the front porch. You can cover the chair with soft padding or cushions to sit comfortably.

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