7 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room with Plants Like a Pro

7 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room with Plants Like a Pro

Homifine.com -- Houseplant enthusiasts will not miss their space in the absence of plants. Especially the living room, which serves as the focal point of the home. With ornamental plants, you can create a fresh look in your living room. You can create an indoor forest by grouping plant types according to care and displaying them on the ceiling of the room. In the following article review, choose 7 ways to improve the green look in the living room:


Make use of grouping

Plants behave differently when moved downstairs to the living room. You can combine several types, delivered around the window sill with succulent plants that prefer bright light. Tall plants should not be allowed to block windows. To improve the appearance of the living room, add some matching furniture accents.

Allow the plants to dangle to the floor

There are numerous ways to decorate a good living room with ornamental plants. You can select creeping vines like Pothos to frame the room. This is the best option for making a natural trellis. Meanwhile, use similar vines to create a consistent look.

Create a small forest in the room's corner

More types of lush greenery will look nice and refreshing. This concept can be used to create a forest living room with natural green contrast. To make it look stunning, start with a little for the corner of the room and work your way around.

A touch of classic and vintage

Consider how to decorate a living room with a classic vintage theme, such as this one. You do not need to be hesitant in selecting the type of plant, but you must consider the number of plants and their location. Work well for details such as hanging plants attached to the wall's surface and arranging the plants in rattan pots.

Fill in the gaps on the floor 

Even you may not notice if you only place plants in one location. Though you can use the floor with upright, tall, and small plants. Calathea, Monstera, and rubber plants, for example, will not look out of place in the corner of a circular chair. Place the plant correctly so that it does not cover the furniture.

Colorize the room 

There are numerous ways to make your living room more stylish. not because of the furniture or the type of tanama. With bohemian, you can choose the right interior concept. This look is both striking and inviting. Even if there are fewer of them, it will certainly suit any type of plant.

Positioned behind furniture

This green-themed decoration will appear in each living room of the house. The proper placement is behind the furniture. Because large-scale ornamental plants can cover furniture. However, you should reconsider using a small plant to decorate the table's surface.

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