Pretty Bungalow Designs with Pool Brings Soothing Occupancy - Taking relaxation after a busy day is a must for a calm body and soul. You can try to relax by living in a bungalow with a natural and fresh environment. Bungalow houses that have village designs with the material of wood, burnt concrete, and natural fibers provide a touch of sophistication and balance luxury and simplicity.

Exterior designs

Build in a small area, this Bungalow looks stunning with its clever design. The combination of wood material and white hues at the exterior brings soothing and simple vines. The terrace can put some sets of chairs for formal seating. Put the lounger at the side of this Bungalow that can use for sunbathing or enjoying the atmosphere.

Swimming pool and yard

The spacious yard around this Bungalow is perfect for a swimming pool and garden. You can build stunning and comfortable swimming pools and decorate them by installing lamps under them. It will be stunning at night.

Open-plan concept

Building the Bungalow with one room perfect for calming and relaxation spot. You can join the room in one area. Like the bedroom that place with living room, kitchen, and dining room. Design the interior of this Bungalow with white hues for a stunning accent.


Install canopies that can make stunning and comfortable bedrooms. Use white hues to match the interior. And then, add the sofa leg next to the bed. For the lighting, you can install hanging lamps with rattan or wood hoods.


Using the letter L, the kitchen looks stunning and good design. The kitchen table uses burned concrete which is make the area look vintage and classic. Just make good arrangements for this small kitchen to make comfort when you cook.


The bathroom design uses full burnt concrete that looks mysterious and elegant. Install hang lamps for the lighting, and design them to make stunning the bathroom design and decoration.

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