Great Ideas to Having Simple but Stunning Bathroom -- What interior style do you like? This is an idea of one of the interiors, namely a bathroom that uses a simple style but looks pleasant. This small bathroom immediately attracts attention because it has the right design and decoration details. For some ideas that you can replicate, check out Great Ideas to Have Simple but Stunning Bathroom.

Well separated

This bathroom has a simple look with natural colors but has a faint marble pattern. In order to maximize the functionality of each area, the addition of this dividing wall will allow both areas to be maximized.

Monochrome style

The small size of this bathroom still feels spacious because it applies the right style of monochrome. The combination of black and white has its own role that will be very beneficial for small spaces.

White bathroom

This is also an option that you can apply to small bathrooms. The dominant white color no longer feels monotonous and boring because it has a beautiful pattern on the floor. Instead of a dividing wall, using this fabric curtain is a smart idea.

Add elevation design

The shower area does have more water intensity than the toilet and other areas around it. Therefore, the elevation design of such cubicles is very important to keep other areas dry and not muddy.

Small bathroom

The industrial look is one aspect that can give this bathroom a beautiful and elegant look. Interestingly, this room seems to have another small bathroom behind the glass door with black frame.




Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
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