Smart Ideas for Arranging Plants on The Walls of The House to Save Space - If you have a house with a narrow and small size. However, you like the presence of plants around the house then you can try this smart idea so that plants can still be applied in your home. Placing plants on the walls of your house will save more space.

House Staircase Wall

If you want a plant as a home room decoration. Then you can use the stairs of the house as a place to apply plants to the walls of the stairs of the House. Usually this ladder wall is rarely used so you can take advantage of it. You can put pretty vines.

Living Room Wall

Plants around the house can indeed make the look more fresh and cool so there is no harm if you apply plants around your living room. You can also take advantage of this living room wall so that the display looks attractive and does not take up much space.

Take Advantage Of The House Stairs

You can also take advantage of the stairs of houses that are usually empty and rarely used. You can design the stairs of the house by putting nets as a place to hang plants in pots so that they are more neat and beautiful. You can choose plants with a dangling shape or creeping down.

Using Funny Pots

You can also use pots with cute colors and looks. This house Pot has a cute and colorful shape so it looks beautiful if applied in your home. Use succulent type plants that do have easy care so that it is easier for you to take care of them.

Using Glass Shelves

You can try this clever idea if you have a narrow house and land. Making shelves from this glass can make the look more unique and also does not take up much space. You can also choose pots and plants with beautiful and colorful flowers so that they can beautify your home.

Using The Pothos Plant

If you want to bring plants in the house then there is no harm if you use pothos plants. This plant has easy care so you can use it for indoor plants. Having a beautiful leaf shape will add a charming impression in the House.

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