How To Arrange a Simple Pot Of Succulents For You - Choosing the right pot is an important point to think about as it can be the difference between your plant thriving or dying while you take care of it. Choosing the best pot for your succulents isn't just about getting the colors right; it's the type of container that makes the difference.

Ceramic Pot

Any of these makes a beautiful succulent container. They are ideal and work well both indoors and outdoors because they are made of breathable materials. After all, succulents can usually deal with harsh climates such as intense heat, and terracotta is the main material when it comes to absorbing heat.

Plastic Pot

Plastic pots are very light and easy to move. However, as you may have guessed, plastic does not have the breathable qualities of terracotta and ceramic pots. So, when you water your plant, it won't seep or evaporate. For this reason, it is important to make sure you use soil that can drain water well as well as make a few holes in the plastic so that it can drain out.

Wooden Pots

While wooden planters are great containers, you should always make sure that you take care of the wood so that it does not rot. If it's not too big and awkward to lift, that's great, because it can be moved. This will prevent your plants from overheating.

Glass Pot

Although glass containers provide a contemporary look, without drainage holes they are impractical. Excessive watering of succulents is perhaps the most common reason for the death of plants. It is important to remember that with any succulent, you must have good drainage.

Metal Pot

Although metal pots may look cool and trendy, they are not suitable for this type of plant, ultimately because they are prone to rust which can cause damage to the plant. If you decide to use a metal planter, be sure to use it short-term and then move it to a different type of container permanently.

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