Wooden and White Home Interior Decor Ideas

Homifine.com -- Interior design is very important to create comfort for the owner and make the atmosphere more pleasant because it has a more conceptualized look. For home interior design ideas with a combination of white and wood colors that you can make a reference, check Wooden and White Home Interior Decor Ideas.



Living room idea

 The living room is an important part not only for the owner, but also for the people who visit. This living room idea has an attractive look despite its small size. There is a white sofa combined with interesting decorations on the walls that make the living room not look monotonous.



Functional small space


 The next area is a small space made functional by adding storage that can also be used as a chair. What's interesting about this space is the brick wall that makes it look beautiful and varied.



The next area is the dining room and kitchen, which are built close together. The classic chair design with white color makes the room feel more elegant and eye-catching. In addition, there is also a kitchen that has a kitchen set with a U-shaped layout. The classic design is very harmonious with the dining room.


A cozy bedroom design will certainly make its owner feel more perfect when resting. This bedroom does not have a lot of furniture which makes it appear spacious. In addition, there are also some beautiful decorations such as macrame and string light.






 Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
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