Front Yard Flower Bed Ideas For a Colorful and Bright Entryway - Decorating a Home Garden with various types of flowers is one way that can make the exterior of the house look attractive. How to arrange flowers in front of the house can be said to be difficult easy. Not all types of flowers can last long and are suitable to be combined with other types of flowers. For those of you who need inspiration for your front garden, you can listen below

Minimalist Flower Garden on Narrow Land

How to make a beautiful minimalist Flower Garden on a narrow land is actually quite easy. You can make a small plot in front of the facade of the House. Then plant the plot with various greenery. You can also make such a plot attached to the wall so that it looks neat.

Combination of green plants with colorful flowers

Minimalist flower garden can also look beautiful if you combine green leafy plants with colorful flowers. You can also add a fence with an elegant white color so that the look is more beautiful. Try not to put the plant in a dry area so that the plant does not dry out easily and die.

Small Terrace Flower Garden

The terrace of a small house is also not an obstacle for you to create a minimalist Flower Garden in front of a beautiful house. In a small yard area, you can plant a flower tree, such as paper flowers. Then, on a small terrace, put some mini flower pots so that the terrace area seems beautiful because it is filled with various types of flowers.

Flower Garden with a Circular Shape

This circular-shaped mini flower garden in front of the house can also make a stunning exterior appearance. You can choose plants of a larger size in the central part of the garden. Then several layers Circle lines around the tree.

Flower garden with gravel variety

You can also make a mini flower garden in front of the house by making a dry garden. The first step, make a square with a slightly curved shape on the sides. Then plant a few flowers on the prepared plot. Finally, put pebbles on the plot that is not planted with flowers.

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