Home Decor Ideas with A Warm Atmosphere for Families

Homifine.com -- How do you like the look of the house? The following is a home decoration idea for those of you who like a warm atmosphere with your family with a wooden interior that has a modern rustic look. For details that you can see, check Home Decor Ideas with A Warm Atmosphere for Families.

Living room

Having a warm appearance, the living room in this house uses some furniture in wood colors which are also combined with creative wall details. There are parts of the walls that use the unfinished style and other parts that use plain colors that look clean and simple.


Dining area

In addition to the living room, the dining room that is owned by this house also uses wooden chairs and tables which make the room have a harmonious concept with the others. The ethnic details in this interior allow the owner to enjoy a warm and relaxing atmosphere with his family.



 Not far from the dining room, there is a kitchen arranged close to the wall with a linear kitchen set arrangement. Large windows are important spots for the kitchen so they are not stuffy and not too dark. The owner can also add some hanging plants on this kitchen window sill. Some herbs would be a very interesting idea for this.




The old atmosphere allows the owner to dream of good memories while in the bedroom. Again, wooden furniture is more dominant so that the room still has an atmosphere that is in line with the overall concept of the house. Several vases filled with flowers will be the perfect combination to add a romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.
 Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
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