Simple House Design Concept with 3 Bedroom (90 Sqm) -- Before starting to build a house, it would be more appropriate if you have the design first. This is so that you can estimate the appearance and layout of the rooms in it. The following are home design ideas with an area of 90 sqm that you can make a reference. Check out Simple House Design Concept with 3 Bedroom (90 Sqm).




House facade design

This house design has a facade that looks attractive with earthy colors that go well when combined with natural stone textures on some of the walls. In addition, the sloping roof model makes the house design appear with a more attractive and elegant dimension. Other small details are also considered to enhance the exterior of this house. For example, by adding a neatly crafted white trim. 

Floor plan design

This house design has a size of 9x10 meters which has comfortable facilities in it. Starting from the front, there is a porch that can be used as a comfortable relaxing space. Then for the interior there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You can see the details of the floor plan and its dimensions in the image above.

Living room design

For the design of the living room, this house has a large space so it is comfortable for guests. In this area there is a sofa and television along with the cabinet. In addition, what makes the room feel more spacious and elegant is the down ceiling model combined with warm led lights.

Dining table and kitchen design

Not far from the living room, there is a dining table designed using a bar style that looks very stylish for the room. In addition to the dining table, there is also an adjacent kitchen. This kitchen has a clean look with a dominant white selection. The linear layout also makes the space look wide and free for activities.

Bedroom design

Of the three bedroom designs you have, this is one of them. A room with a size that is not too wide still feels comfortable by using soft colors that make the room look bigger. In addition, there are storage shelves that make several items neatly arranged and save space.





Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
Source       : Free House Concept
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