There Are The 6 Best Houseplant For Your Bedroom - The bedroom is the most private area in the house that must be made comfortable. If you are a plant lover, you can add some collection of plants around your bedroom. You can choose plants that can cool the bedroom and also clean the air around the room. Here are some plants that you can apply in your bedroom.

Snake Plant

One plant is believed to make the room in the House fresh and cool. Unlike other plants that usually absorb oxygen, this unique plant actually releases oxygen at night and is therefore suitable for storage in the bedroom.

Palm Trees

This one plant is already popular, usually many are stored in the living room. In addition to adding beauty, it turns out that this one plant is also able to lower the room temperature. Its properties are the same as aloe vera can clean the air naturally.


This plant also has the same function, lowering room temperature and purifying the air. In addition to its beautiful shape, this plant can also cool the temperature naturally.

Aloe Vera

This aloe vera you can apply to your bedroom. This plant has benefits, one of which can lower room temperature. Aloe vera is also believed to be quite effective at improving room air quality by purifying toxins around your bedroom.

Rubber Plant 

The plant effectively purifies and cools the indoor air. The care of this plant is also easy, it does not need a lot of water but it needs fertile soil to develop. This plant is characterized by its large, shiny leaves.


One powerful plant removes toxins such as xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde in the room. It is also very easy to care for, it does not require a lot of water and make sure it is exposed to direct sun. Make sure the plant is stored in a place that has enough space because it grows quickly.

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