Nice House Design with Loft Ideas

Nice House Design with Loft Ideas -- A small space with maximum functionality is ideal for a loft home design. The ideal size for a couple or a single person's home. The apartment style in the interior is appealing, with numerous designs to choose from. For example, check out this lovely home inspiration with a loft design!

Open concept

Houses with loft shapes always save space. The open plan concept was created in order to prioritize the use of space appropriately. Details are neat and detailed as needed. starting with ideas for the living room, kitchen, stairs, and loft. A clean interior with a little brown and black will greatly enhance this loft house.

Kitchen details

This loft house has a kitchen area located between the living room and the bathroom. A fairly large size maximizes the model of a linear kitchen table without a cabinet. Detail using a black glossy table that is elegant and full of impact. You should prioritize a minimalist kitchen as a place to cook.

Open space room 

This is the first area in the attic house that is used to relax guests. It faces the house's balcony, making it more open and bright. Still with the concept of a minimalist loft house with little decoration and relying on a little contrasting color, striking to display a varied interior style.


The following detail is a clean bathroom. The concept of a dry bathroom for an attic house fits perfectly into small spaces. Choose a clean interior with a touch of bright lighting and embossed on some wall surfaces to give the impression of space.

The loft bedroom 

The bedroom is the primary and most important focus. This loft room has a minimalist concept, a little Scandinavian touch, and a combination of wood materials to make it more friendly. loft model, with the roof of the house forming a precise and clear triangle.

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