99 sqm Pleasant House Design with 3 Bedrooms

99 sqm Pleasant House Design with 3 Bedrooms

Homifine.com - A house of any size will actually look amazing as long as it is well designed. Here is one such home design idea that looks amazing with a super cozy interior. Check out some of the details below.



Modern and elegant exterior

A wonderful combination can be seen in the details of the ash wall combined with the natural stone, which is applied in a balanced way that does not dominate each other. The lattice detail with the railing adds a marvelous touch to the porch area.

Shed roof that easy to install

Employing minimalist design details, it will be ideal when employing a shed roof type that is installed with elevation to provide a more appealing and non-boring touch. The selection of complementary colors is a crucial finishing touch for the overall appearance of the property.

Living room with partition

Let's look around the inside of this house. At the very front, there's a living area that's not too huge but nevertheless cozy because the owner didn't put too much furniture. A modern divider can also be utilized as a cabinet and television stand.

Cozy kitchen and mini bar table

Modern elements, such as this aesthetic, can transform a modest space. A modest, useful bar counter is included in the elongated kitchen type. The decorative touches are seen in the marble pattern that instantly takes the kitchen to the next level.

9 x 11 m floor plan design

The clever design will also provide the best arrangement in this small size of 9 x 11 meters. Some rooms are very well organized to provide comfortable facilities for all family members. The 3 bedrooms will allow each family member to have a pleasant private area.

Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
Source      : RS Arch Design

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