Amazing Bungalow House Design with Roof Deck and 2 Bedrooms -- Do you think that a house with a bungalow design looks unattractive and not modern? You have to see this bungalow house modification. With a more attractive look, this house will be the center of attention if you have it. For details, check out Amazing Bungalow House Design with Roof Deck and 2 Bedrooms.

House facade design

The facade design of this bungalow house looks attractive with a roof deck model that is made to have an arch. The combination of monochrome colors will make the house look more elegant and neat even though it actually has complicated construction details.

Living room design

This house organizes its living room well in a small area using an L-shaped sofa. In addition, the large windows also provide better lighting and ventilation so that it is not stuffy.

Dining area design

Next is the dining area with windows that remain large in design. In addition, some decorations will also liven up the look of the room. The large window will be suitable for decorating with some house plants that like bright areas.

Kitchen design

A large kitchen will give mom a lot of pleasure as it will provide comfort while cooking. The U-shaped layout will also allow easy access to the multiple countertops and cabinets of this kitchen. Don't forget the marble pattern that makes the room look more expensive.

Floor plan design

You can have this house in an area measuring approximately 100 sqm with several rooms in it such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. Take a look at the floor plan in the picture.

Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
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