Modern Small House Design for Cozy Living -- The design of a one-story house is one that is sought after to be able to build a comfortable home for the family. Some ideas this time will provide some references that you can imitate. For some details, check out Modern Small House Design for Cozy Living.

Modern structure

The first house design uses a simpler modern structure with a shed roof that stays sloped to allow water to flow and make the house less prone to leaks. This house is designed to resemble a box type which is easier to build with not many curves in the room layout.

Clean house type

This is one of the minimalist designs that can be applied to a one-story house. Some roofs use a single shed and others use decks. The finishing scheme looks soothing with modern details that use a lot of glass material on the walls so that the house looks elegant.

Shady roof design

This house looks magnificent even though it is only one floor. The elevated porch has a very important effect on the look and comfort of this house. Then, the pyramid roof is designed to widen which makes the house very shady.

Simple but warm house

Although small and simple, this house has a warm atmosphere that will stick in the memory. The details that make the house feel warm will make anyone marvel at this small house. Then, the owner does not need to add many details that make the house look untidy. Simply with a design like this, your small house will be favored.

Calming farmhouse design

Farmhouse design is still a mainstay of many people. The spacious porch area with additional chairs to relax is great for enjoying the scenery around. A large yard with a fresh garden is the best complement to the farmhouse style.





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