Super Cozy House Design with Floor Plan (4 Bedrooms) -- Owning a house is of course very necessary to pay attention to comfort for the owner and his family. The following house designs are interesting ideas that you can imitate when building a house. With a size of 125 sqm, this house is equipped with 4 bedrooms that are comfortable for each family member. For the detailed design, check Perfect House Design for Family with 4 Bedrooms (Floor Plan Details).

House facade design

This house design has a facade that looks like it has precise details. The existence of the main door with its small porch is right in the center with the right and left sides which are walls with interesting details. In addition, the pyramid roof model is also a perfect addition to create a sturdy and safer building structure.

Floor plan design

For a size of 125 sqm, this house design has a detail of 10 x 12.5 meters with several rooms inside. The house has a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, 4 bedrooms, and there is also a private bathroom in the master bedroom. For details of the floor plan and size, see the picture above.

Living room design

For the interior, let's start looking at the details of the living area first. Large glass doors and windows are one of the features that make this area look bigger, brighter, and has an attractive outdoor view. In addition, not many decorations are applied to make this area look clean and tidy.

Dining area and kitchen design

Not far from the living area, there is a dining area and kitchen that are made close together with the selection of matching concepts. The application of white color is perfect when exposed to light from the large window nearby. In addition, the clever arrangement of furniture allows each area to function very optimally.

Bedroom design

Among its 4 bedrooms, this is one of its designs. The not-so-large room has very well-arranged furniture that makes the room look cozy and pleasing. Besides the bed, this room can also be filled with a side table, or a cabinet, or a small work desk.

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