7 Collections of Beautiful Plants with the Perfect Arrangement

7 Collections of Beautiful Plants with the Perfect Arrangement

Homifine.com -- Making ornamental plants as a collection in the room is very interesting to try. Whether for beginners or ornamental plant collectors, it feels like arranging plants at home is a mandatory thing that needs to be done several times a week. With a variety of interesting collections, you can choose any type of plant that is appropriate to decorate a room at home using or without a plant rack, you can try.

Amazing calathea

The grouping is one type of calathea this time looks quite interesting to do. It doesn't even have to be the same container, you can make different combinations of the sides of the container or their placement.

Snake plant with book collection

You can change the reading area in the room in this house with a beautiful snake plant arrangement by applying a balanced natural concept. For example, with a container of clay filled with snake plants and differentiating pothos plant containers.

Correction of container selection on plants

To arrange plants in the house, then you can adjust the type of plant and its size. Even with various types of plants, you can fill the corner with the room perfectly. Perfect it again with a natural themed painting visual that supports the room.

Pay attention to the walls and start with the shelf

If you want to maximize the space in the room, it seems ignoring the walls is not a difficult thing to try. With multi-level outboard shelves, you can perfectly arrange ornamental plants at home such as ferns, pothos, philodendron or ZZ plants.

Corner of the room with calathea

Calathea is indeed one of the popular plants to be included in the room. Even without having to use shelves again, plants will look attractive in the same container.

Urban jungle modern settings

With the concept of an urban jungle room, choosing ornamental plants with large green leaves will complete the look at home. You can make loose space around the wall for additional hanging plants or paintings about types of plants.

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Author  : Lynda
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Source : Plant Universe

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