Best Beautiful Plants that Can Grow in Medium Light -- Lighting is an important aspect that must be considered in plant care. If you have houseplants, you have to think carefully about the placement of the plants in order to get the light they like so that they grow well. For some medium light plants you can have at home, check out Best Beautiful Plants that Can Grow in Medium Light.



Because it has leaves with distinct colors and patterns, this plant is typically planted in outdoor areas and grows into a lovely small tree. Crotons, in addition to being able to survive in bright environments, can also grow in medium light. If you want to show off the vibrant color of your leaves, expose them to a few hours of direct sunlight each day.



This plant has leaves that are a combination of green and white, so it does not require a lot of light to enhance the color of the leaves. This dieffenbachia's leaves are wide and oval in shape, with a pointed tip. However, light is still necessary for this plant's growth. Place it near a window with at least medium light.


If you want a plant that is not fussy, ficus is one of them. You can place them anywhere in the house because they can survive many conditions. You can also grow it into a small tree that will make your room look fresher.

Boston Fern


Boston fern is a plant that likes humidity and doesn't need too bright light. Many people make it as an indoor hanging plant that grows thickly. The area favored by this plant is the bathroom.

African Violet


African violet is a popular ornamental plant because of its small size and beautiful flowers. When you make it a houseplant, plant it in well-drained, well-drained soil. Place it in medium light to help the flowers bloom and avoid burnt leaves.





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