7 Purple-Leaved Plants for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

7 Purple-Leaved Plants for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

Homifine.com -- Green plants are popular because of their tropical and jungle appearance. However, unique purple plants will be superior because they will brighten the space and become a favorite choice. For lovers of ornamental plants. Green leaf and purple leaf plants share a desire to make a house or garden stand out. If you're ready to see the purple-colored leaf plants, consider the following information:

Dahlia Bishop


The dahlia is a well-known flower plant with numerous cultivars. The lovely Dahlia bishop, with pink and jumbo flowers, is an intriguing cultivar. It lush purple leaves are suitable for home gardens. Loves full sun, fertile soil, good drainage, and a moist consistency. It does not like dry soil and can grow all year.

Calathea Purple Rose


Calathea rosepicta, or rese, has lovely wide and flat leaves. The glossy contrasting bright purple-violet color of the leaves is ideal for a dark room or even garden. The plant grows well in shady areas, fertile soils, and well-drained soils.

Aeonium Black Rose


Aeonium black rose is a stunning succulent with purplish green leave. These plants must be kept in a room with the proper conditions. Because of its small size, it can be grown in a large planter with bright and warm light. This Black rose appears to be a rosette of fleshy leaves growing with the ground.

Burgundy Lace Fern


Ferns are popular tropical plants that thrive in shade and are easy to grow. If most ferns have green leaves, this burgundy lace fern has silvery green leaves that are veined and have purple highlights. This plant will pouring and getting sunlight.



This perennial ornamental or herbaceous plant is also known as moses-in-a-basket. Plants that can withstand cold climates and are commonly grown as houseplants can also be used in hanging baskets. These oblong and pointed leaves creeping on the ground used to serve as land cover.

Colocasia Black Magic


"Black Magic" colocasia esculenta it is a plant that requires little maintenance and grows quickly. Hold in zones 7 - 10. This plant prefers shade and has large leaves that are veined purple to burgundy. It grows well in moist, well-drained soil.



There are many varieties of this popular garden plant. Leaves are festie and enjoy full sun. This plant is known for its beautiful leaves and can grow up to 2.5 feet tall. Coleus is a favorite of gardeners for accentuating hedges with a display of festive colors such as purple, red, pink, orange, maroon, and burgundy.

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